Nose Plasty 2019 will be held on 11th May 2019 at Hotel Avasa, Hyderabad, India. Registrations Limited to Only 100


Saturday 11th May 2019

Time 8:00 AM 6:00 PM

Greeting from Contours Plastic Surgery Center, Hyderabad 



Message From The Course Director

Dr. Venkata Ramana Yamani

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dear Friend

It’s been twenty years since I am associated directly or indirectly with nasal surgery. My journey of becoming an ENT surgeon followed by Plastic Surgeon was just fortuitous, but later perusing into Aesthetic Rhinoplasty was deliberate.

Honestly learning, practicing, achieving results and satisfying clients of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty is an arduous process.

Over last15 years we have performed approximately 1000 rhinoplasty procedures; so, the whole idea of this Nose-Plasty workshop arose from an academic intention of sharing the huge data collected over years

This course is directed towards younger surgeons with either Plastic Surgery or ENT qualification. It will also benefit occasional surgeons who wish to enhance their surgical results.

We are limiting the delegate number to 60 so that all the participants of this workshop can learn and carry the knowledge to the operating table.

Consider it as a personal invitation to Nose-Plasty-2018 at Hyderabad, a unique platform to learn Aesthetic Rhinoplasty.

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  • Ethnicity of an individual plays a key role in the formation of nose Though surgical principles are same; Ethnicity decides kind of nasal deformity, surgical needs and techniques. Here you are going to envisage the noses, which you regularly come across in your practice.
  • Features like high nasal index, thick skin which make the rhinoplasty more difficult in Indian noses; we are keen to concentrate on these factors.
  • Live surgery and unedited video session on Rhinoplasty of 4-5 assorted cases with different deformities will be shown.
  • A detailed preoperative planning, a complete surgery, and post-operative results of the same cohort of cases will be demonstrated. This will facilitate the observer to understand the whole case study
  • Ample measures will be taken to display best quality surgical videos, projecting close-up and finer details so that beginner can understand and implement in his surgical practice
  • Practical use of 3D-Surgical Simulation Rhinoplasty on Vectra XT imaging will also be demonstrated.
  • Finally, the entire invited faculty is experienced and regularly performing Aesthetic Rhinoplasty in their day-to-day practice.

Guest Faculty


Dr. Srikumar
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Shakuntala
ENT. Surgeon
Dr. Rachana
ENT. Surgeon
Dr. Anvitha. N
ENT. Surgeon
Dr. Gurukarna
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Jafer Bash
Dr. Keshav
Dr. Laxma Reddy